Tuesday, 1 December 2015


BECIL Enters Into A First Of Its Kind Tie Up With Mumbai Based Media Intelligence & Analytics Firm, Kanalytics

Mumbai: Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd (BECIL), a Mini Ratna PSU under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has entered into a first of its kind tie up with media intelligence and analysis firm, Kanalytics. Through this agreement, the two companies will jointly offer media intelligence, tracking and analytics services to corporates and the government alike.

Launched as India’s first comprehensive trans media intelligence tool in 2015 by media honcho Ashutosh and Bollywood singer Kailash Kher, Kanalytics is a comprehensive brand intelligence tool that allows companies to monitor, analyze and measure their presence in the Earned Media domain.

“Kanalytics has developed a proprietary technology based platform to map the presence of brands across media including print, television and the digital space and offers daily Tracking and Analytics like none else. We use algorithms to measure the context they have been presented in and the tone and tenor used to describe them both by the traditional media as well as the digital media. The method we have developed is a first of its kind in India,” says Ashutosh, Founder & CEO, Kanalytics.

The key result of this is the measure of Impact of Media called Brand Medium Impression (BMI), a result of quali and quanti parameters, and ascribes a certain value to each article or clip or a post and helps measure Return On Investment (ROI) on marketing and communication initiatives. Subsequently, the web and mobile delivery models serve well for the decision maker.

“The platform developed by Kanalytics enables our customers to set communication targets and be the one stop shop media strategy tool for the industry one operates in. For ease in decision making Kanalytics has dossiers on industry leaders, brands, journalists, publications, electronic channels, social media platforms among others. This, in turn, enables fully-informed, swift and efficient, forward-thinking decision making possible,” adds Ashutosh who has headed multiple media formats in the past including Reliance Broadcasting, Silicon India, Zee Network channels and the movie channel FILMY.

The tie up between Kanalytics and BECIL is expected to enable the latter to increase its bevy of value added services and further enhance its value proposition.

About Us:
Kanalytics is the first-of-its-kind, fully integrated Media Analytics firm in India, offering media analytics based solutions for the decision maker, across industries. Some of the top brands across Bollywood, Agro Chemicals, Construction, Retail, Finance, Private Equity, Insurance and Local Governments have partnered with Kanalytics. Be it advertising or media agencies, individuals working in the field of entertainment, celebrities, event co-ordination companies, government agencies, industry representatives or PR agencies, Kanalytics customizes its solutions to fit every need.

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